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Wayne K. Hoy received his B. S. from Lock Haven State College in 1959 and his D. Ed. from The Pennsylvania State University in 1965. After teaching at Oklahoma State University for several years, he moved to Rutgers University in 1968, where he was a distinguished professor, department chair, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In 1994, he moved to Ohio State University and an endowed professorship, The Novice G. Fawcett Chair in Educational Administration. In January of 2013, he retired and is now a professor emeritus at The Ohio State University.


"Thoughtful administrators are more inclined to be guided by theories, as imperfect as they are, than by impulse or the biases of dubious beliefs. Make mindfulness a habit of mind."

"Mindfulness transforms chance into serendipity."
(Hoy, 2006)

"The imperative for order in organizations creates a world of rules, procedures, plans, purposes, and coordinated effort whereas the need for freedom fashions a world of imagination, innovation, creativity, dreams, and hope. Effective leaders find a way to accommodate to this order-freedom dilemma as they preserve the benefits of each and avoid the pitfalls of both (Hoy, 2012)."

"In our infinite ignorance, we are all equal (Popper, 1963)."

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