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imageThis text describes the empirical investigation and theoretical development of collective trust in schools over three decades. The authors provide researchers and scholars with a sound theoretical framework as well as a set of valid and reliable measures to study collective trust. Further, the book offers practitioners a set of useful tools to evaluate the culture of trust in their schools with the aim of school improvement.

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Collective Trust:
Why Schools Can't Improve Without It

Patrick B. Forsyth-University of Oklahoma
Curt M. Adams-University of Oklahoma
Wayne K. Hoy-Ohio State University


PART ONE - Foundations of Collective Trust
1. Early Studies in School Trust
2. Conceptual Foundations and the Formation of Collective Trust
3. Measuring Collective Trust in Schools

PART TWO - Research on Collective Trust
4. Antecedents of Collective Trust: School Evidence
5. Consequences of Collective Trust: School Evidence
6. Collective Trust and School Effectiveness
7. Collective Trust and Leadership in Schools
8. Collective Trust as a Condition of Social Capital and Academic Optimism

PART THREE - Practice and Synthesis
9. Educational Policy and School Trust
10.The Practice of School Leadership and Collective Trust






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Click Here to Download the Collective Trust Book

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