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imageThis text outlines a theory of supervision aimed at improving instruction. The book is grounded on the assumption that more reflective, theoretical analysis is needed not only to solve the problems of teachers but to help teachers engage in long-term critical inquiry about teaching and learning. The book is online and can be downloaded by clicking below.

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Effective Supervision

Theory into Practice

Wayne K. Hoy

The Ohio State University

Patrick B. Forsyth

Oklahoma State University


PART ONE --Introduction and overview

1. A general model of effective supervision
2. A systems model of performance
3. The supervisory process

PART TWO --Organizational context

4. Formal organization of schools
5. Informal organization of schools
6. Leadership
7. Organizational climate
8. Organizational context: an application

PART THREE --The classroom social system and teacher performance

9. The teacher
10. The student
11. The classroom climate
12. Formal classroom arrangements
13. The teaching task
14. Classroom performance
15. The classroom social system: An application

Click Here to Download the Effective Supervision Book

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