A New Leadership Model

A new leadership model is developed from the extant research and theory on leadership. The model assumes two basics dimensions of leadership - Task-Oriented Behavior and Relations-Oriented Behavior, which generates four basic leadership styles. The theory is based on the assumption: There is no one best way to lead: Effective leadership depends on matching the appropriate leadership style with the situation.

The theory is also developmental: Individuals can learn to match the appropriate style with the situation. Therefore, leadership involves knowing the appropriate style-situation match; teaching others and groups the appropriate style-situation match; and teaching groups how to initiate appropriate leadership. The ultimate objective of leadership in this model is to teach groups and individuals to initiate effective leadership.

This new leadership model is simplified and summarized in the attached brief 8-page paper. The model will also explain the basis for the appropriate style-situation match so that you can understand your own leadership preference and what you need to do to improve your leader behavior. Download the Leader Style Diagnostic (LSD) Scale and then analyze your preferred (dominant) leader style, your supportive style, and your neglected style. Then consider how you might develop the knowledge and flexibility to match the appropriate style with the situation.

Download A New Theory, which will provide you with an explanation of the theoretical model that undergirds the LSD Scale.

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