Power Points for Hoy and Miskel (2013)


Educational Administration: Theory, Research, and Practice by Hoy and Miskel (2013) presents a comprehensive synthesis of theory, research, and practice of organizational behavior in schools. After each theoretical perspective is explicated, the chapter concludes with an authentic case study and a set of practical guides. Below you will find a power point for each chapter of the text.

Power Points

Chapter 1: The School as a Social System

Chapter 2: The Technical Core: Learning and Teaching

Chapter 3: Structure in Schools

Chapter 4: Individuals in Schools: Motivation

Chapter 5: Organizational Culture of Schools

Chapter 6: Organizational Climate of Schools

Chapter 7: Power and Politics In Schools

Chapter 8: External Environments and Accountability of Schools

Chapter 9: School Effectiveness

Chapter 10: Decision Making

Chapter 11: Shared Decision Making: Empowering Teachers

Chapter 12: Communication in Schools

Chapter 13: Leadership in Schools

Chapter 14: One Last Time

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